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check out my own original drawings and poetry. and stories, lol. not the best out there, but it's pretty good, nonetheless. in my opinion, at least.

also, some of the stuff in here is things people drew or colored for me, relating to my characters. if it's colored or looks more awesome than the typical stuff in here, someone probably did it for me, lol

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some of my favorites. check 'em out! you may find something you like!


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Timothy Marro
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United States
Image by The-Insignia

Smash 4 Mains:
Ykpmk5 by The-Insignia

Current Alpha Sapphire Team:
My current pokemon team by The-Insignia

3DS friend code: 3540-0038-2491 (feel free to tell me yours in a note so i can add you. :)

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For Smiley147 by IHamby

Age: 23

height: tall

weight: over

family: 8 siblings (2 sisters, 6 brothers. fun fact, we're all adopted. :D) father, mother, and a daughter.

friends: many

enemies: a few


i'm mostly a traditional artist, though occasionally i'll bust out my tablet to do a few digital drawings every now and then.

i'm typically a pretty happy guy, and when i'm not, i try to look it, at least.

i have pokemon X, if anyone's interested. my friend code is 3540-0038-2491. add me! i need someone with a dragon friend safari. XD

on that note, i'm a huge dragon fanatic. i love 'em. i don't draw them as often as i used to, but they're fun to draw, nonetheless.

i typically choose the traditional pencil and paper to draw, but i do have a tablet, which i've actually been using more frequently. i gotta admit, it's pretty damn fun to use. XD

my daughter evalynn is probably the greatest thing since ever, and i love her despite my intense hatred for toddlers. (she's almost three, but could speak in complete understandable sentences by the age of 2. :D)

23rd Birthday. :D by The-InsigniaEvalynn by The-Insignia1403787 10202811731039200 459574875 O by The-Insignia


but yeah, that's about all i got to say. enjoy creeping around my account. XD
I pre-ordered the bowser AMIIBO, because goddammit if I'm gonna have at least one, it's gonna be goddamn bowser.

i customized his stats and abilities.

i wish I hadn't.

Base stats:
Attack +200
Defense +120
Speed -200

1: Increased run speed-1.33 times faster
2: Skating traction 1.50 times faster, less traction (that -200 speed basically Means nothing now)
3: Exploding perfect shields-every time he pulls off a perfect shield (way too often) he causes an explosion (Deals about 34% damage)


B: fire roar (longer range, more powerful, does quicker, longer recharge time) 

Forward B:
dash slam (like his normal forward b, but he dashes at you. 

Up B: Less vertical range, more lateral range) sliding fortress (less vertical, more lateral. Shit for recovery, but great for smashing into people) 

Down B: turbulent bomb (causes a gist effect pushin people away from point of impact)

i have defeated this this monstrosity ONCE. My buddy :iconlanx1: has beaten it, though he's a smash god, so he doesn't count. XD

you guys wanna fight a hard as shit bowser straight from Vietnam? Give him the above shit, and pray to the smash gods.

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